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         From October 1-5, 2018, at the SICK Singapore headquarters (4th – 9th floor of ADMIRAX Building, No. 8 Admiralty Road, Singapore), the PA Product (GBC03) Service Training was hold by SICK AG/Germany. After join the training course, distributers of SICK could be provide CEMS system maintenance services to SICK’s customer, as well as to be the bridge of Technical & Service between SICK and the customer. Distributors were trained by SICK, at Vietnam is AUMI – Industrial Equipment and Automation Company Limited, and at other countries as: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

          AUMI appointed Mr. Nguyen Linh Son (1st row, 4th from the left) – Manager of Technical Service and Project Dept and Mr. Luong Thanh Dinh (2nd row, 3rd from the right) – Technical Specialist continued to join the course, to constantly update the latest technical information from SICK as well as exchange experiences with other distributors.

Distributors were directly trained by experienced technical specialists, in maintenance and repair, service of SICK AG / Germany:

Mr Jeff Law (1st row, 1st from right) – Head of Service – Responsible for all maintenance, repair, support and service activities, spare parts for CEMS and Process automation system in Southeast Asia / Asia.

Mr. Khar Ling (1st row, 2nd from right) – Field Service Team Leader – Responsible for service activities, maintenance CEMS and Process automation system. Mr. Khar Ling is trainer on the Extractive Hot-wet Gas Analyzer (eg MCS100E-HW System) and In-situ Gas Analyzer (GM32, GM35 …).

Mr. Atipat Khunthong (1st row, 3rd from right) – Service Engineer – Direct Service Engineer performs and is trainer on Extractive Cold-Dry Gas Analyzer (eg SIDOR, S700 and GMS810 …).

Mr. Daniel Wendyl M.Tejero (2nd row, 2nd from right) – Service Engineer – he is trainer on Dust measuring equipment (eg Dusthunter T50, C200 …) and Flow meters (Flowsic100, FW100 / FW200, Flowsic600 …).

And along with many other experts: Mr. Jack Cheng – Director of Process Automation, Mr. Hairil (2nd row, 1st from right) – Service Engineer, Mrs. Dani (2nd row, 1st from left) – Support manager … are help The service to be done professionally.

Course contents of PA service training:

– SICK gas analzer & CEMS Traning

– SICK Dust training

– SICK Flowsic training

– SICK CEMS training

And in each part is included:

+ Principles and Measurement

+ Operation and Commissioning

+ Calibration and Maintenance

+ Troubleshooting

More detail:

  • SICK gas analzer & CEMS Traning

         Mr Atipat Khunthong trained about SICK gas analzer & CEMS

Check, maintemance S700, GMS810 with the exam from trainer

Maintemance gas module MULTOR

  • SICK Dust training

Mr Wendyl trained Dusthunter series

AUMI maintenanced, calibrated Dusthunter C200

– Scattered light and Transmission principle

  • SICK Flowsic training & SICK CEMS training

MCS100E HW portable – Extractive Hot-wet gas analyzer

Mr Khar Ling trained MCS100E HW portable

AUMI maintenanced the gas analyzer system

AUMI maintenance the gas analyzer system

In-situ gas analyzer GM32

SICK gas analzer & CEMS Traning part Certificate

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