Impressive team building and tourism in Tan Da 2016

11 - November

“Relaxed spirit inspires creation and energy in work” – well understanding this, board of director of AUMI Co., ltd paid more and more attention to spiritual life of all AUMI’s members and hold many helpful activities that help people closer to each other. For instance, we have free English class, soft skill training class, sharing managing time skill,… from which all AUMI staff can join and learn lots of useful things.


Recently, AUMI hold a building team campaign together with tourism help everyone has time to take a rest after hard working time and becomes closer to each other.
“It is the first step that costs”, after a small problem, finally, the car brought the AUMI family to the destination safe and sound. Tan Da Resort greeted us with the sunshine in early May of summer, with the sound of cicadas humming in the mountainous area, and the friendly smiles of the serving staff. After that, we checked in, arranged our luggage and started visiting the resort.Lunch started with attractive specialties. After a delicious meal, we went back to our rooms to rest.


The afternoon began with by lying on chairs to enjoy the fresh air and mineral water in the swimming pool, soaking in the blue warm water, every tiring seemed to disappear especially when our bodies were surrounded by the scent of natural pharmaceutical materials in the sauna,…
Charming beautiful scenery along with the sounds of the jungle made the human heart become strangely calm. We walked together, chatted happily on the roads full of floral colors along a small stream, and relaxed the muscle with a few rounds of cycling around the resort to enjoy the natural scenery here.
In the evening, after statements of the company Board of Directors and the short clip introducing the members as well as their impressions before the team building started, was a hearty meal to serve special guests. This is the chance for everyone to understand each other clearly, more intimate as the ones in the family. Everybody raised their glasses to cheer for all good things will come to the company and to each member of the AUMI family.


And indispensable things in every team building gathering, were the attractive game shows, interesting and impressive performances from AUMI staffs that excited the crowd to cheer and dance along to the beat.
Only with 2 days meeting, all people in AUMI family seem to be more friendly and closer. These moments of Galadiner party full of fun, of the enthusiastic karaoke contest, or the exciting team building’s games with laughter and people cheering … all happening just as yesterday, but the memories will also marked in the heart each person and also follow us on a long way ahead: the memories of an AUMI family full of happiness, laughter and love….