Installing the level instrument system for Hot Bitumen Tank


On 12 Jan 2012, AUMI had successfully implemented and installed the Bitumen Tank Level Measure System Limited for Asphalt Distribution Company Limited (ADCo) at Doan Xa Port in Hai Phong.
This equipment was installed on the hot bitumen tank with capacity 3.850m3, temperature up to 160oC, and height up to 24m,  using radar measuring technology with minimum errors +/-  5mm.
Using this equipment, the operators do not need to check and measure the Bitumen tank level with mechanical measuring tape, now they could know the bitumen level in the tank at which point or what height only by looking at the monitors.
This level instrument system helps the operators effectively manage and exactly do statistics in their operations room, so helps saving time and labor efforts.

Those are some pictures of installation at plant-site:


Overview the Bitumen Tank


Installing and adjusting the level instrument system on the bitumen tank


Adjusting the level instrument system on the bitumen tank


The display showing the height of asphalt in bitumen tank


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