Project of Setting up Ink-Jet System

Due to the requirement of Ink-jet system area code, clients’ distributive code on cement packs, in June-2012, Aumi Industrial Equipment & Automation Company Limited has completed the project of ink-jet printing on cement packs for Vincem Hoang Mai JSC.
The cement packs’ information transmits to 6 printers from a computer. The software that has been set up can not only automatic close and open printers but also allow engineers to detect, warn errors of each printer without checking printer directly.
The system also counts the amount of cement packs while printing on them and informs the engineer to stop machines of making more cement packs.
Here are photos of setting up the ink-jet system for Hoang Mai Plant.


Pull the wire and the signal on the control room


Connect power and signal for inkjet printers


Installation of cabinets and printers at the scene


Interface control system inkjet


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