Reading system CODE 1D

In order to meet the requirements of the error code classification and have timely notification signal for the manufacturing sector with the integrated system is simple and easy to use. In 03/2014, AUMI Industrial Equipment & Automation Company Limited combined with the technical department of the factory Castrol BP to build this systems successfully.

Product information is printed on the Castrol bottles and carton boxs with a 1D code. The barcode reader system (from SICK Group) is integrated simply, conveniently while a code is taught to remember just with one button press, wrong code signal is outputted directly to alert the manufacturing sector without having an own software or PLC.

The system can communicate through Ethernet that enables synchronization of data quickly and accurately. The data which’s given in the form of ASCII code, that will help you successfully integrated into many the self-development software systems.

1D code Objectives




Testing at BP Castrol factory




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