Reading system CODE 1D

To meet the requirements about product classification and management in the factory line . In 07/2013 AUMI Industrial Equipment & Automation Company Limited combined with the technical team of NewToyo Pulppy factory to build a system that reads 1D bar codes on the products for each of one manufacture lines .

Product information is printed on the cartons box as a 1D code. The system reads the bar code is SICK CLV650 with oscillating mirror technology has successfully responded the 1D barcode reading for different dimension and height carton boxs as well as the 1D code labels have different positions on the along a production line.

The system can communicate through as RS232, USB and Ethernet that enables synchronization of data quickly and accurately. The data which’s given in the form of ASCII code, that successfully integrated into the software system’s C + + NewToyo Pulppy factory. The code is read and displayed on large panels at factory.

Here are some pictures about the technology at NewToyo Pulppy factory:


Many variety carton boxes in along a line


Testing at NewToyo Pulppy factory


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