Reading system CODE 2D

To meet the requirements about product classification and statistics with high speed and security. In 06/2013, AUMI Industrial Equipment & Automation Company Limited combined with the technical team of BP Castrol factory and Dat My Co., Ltd to build a system which can read code 2D on the products for each of manufacture lines.

Product information is printed on the Castrol bottle as a 2D code. The system which reads the 2D code easily and variously, is SICK Lector 620 with Auto focus (during teach-in) technology and Transport speed: ≤4 m/s. We has successfully responded the 2D barcode reading for many different Castrol bottles.

The system can communicate through as Ethernet that enables synchronization of data quickly and accurately. The data which’s given in the form of ASCII code, that successfully integrated into the software system’s Visual C + + of BP Castrol factory. The code is read and displayed at PC room. In parallel with the code reading, SICK 2D code reader system can classify bottles which have broken or unreadable code.

2D code Objectives:



Testing at BP Castrol factory




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