Setup cooling system for HMI screen

Today automation technology grows trongly, artisanal production methods have been replaced by professional, modern automatic systems. HMI is communication device between the operator and the automatic system. With its powerful features, HMI has been widely used and become an important component of the automatic control system.

lammathmi_pepsico-1Like many other devices, HMI also has weakness. During operation, the HMI always produces heat. It’s not only dangerous enemy itself, but also it is the potential risk of other problems. In an automatic line, HMI like the brain to control all operational processes. If HMI is incident, this will lead lines to stop caused major damage to plants.
This is also a problem at the factory Suntory Pepsico – Bac Ninh. Foreseeing the problem, AUMI have to work directly with factories and proposed technical plan for the factory: Installation of the cooling system of Hoffman Vortex – Pentair.


Vortex cooling system has many powerful features, the compact, power consumption is very small, special Vortex pneumatic cooling technology system helps meet the harsh conditions, especially in applications for Pepsico Suntory factory. After the hard work, the team has successfully installed AUMI 5 of Vortex for 5 screen controls under the plant. The system was put into advantageously to help resolve hot issues of the screen, creating a stable temperature control screen.




Aumi Editorial Board