19 - August

  • Applications, combining high flow, long life and extremely fast opening and closing to produce reliable and economical operation.
  • Integral compression fttings for fast, easy, secure installation.
  • The high quality diaphragms are reinforced and wear resistant to guarantee a long operating life, even under harsh conditions.
  • The integral operators are provided with epoxy moulded F-class coils. Variousoptional waterproof and explosionproof solenoids for use in otentially explosive atmospheres (gas & dust) according to Directive ATEX 94/9/EC can be mounted on the same basic valve.
  • The valves satisfy all relevant EC directives.

Technical data overview

(¬) Ensure that the compatibility of the fluids in contact with the materials is verifed
Aluminium / Stainless steel 316L
Core tube Stainless steel
Core and plugnut Stainless steel
Core spring Stainless steel
Sealings & disc NBR (nitrile)
Diaphragm CR (chloroprene)
Shading coil Copper
Coil insulation class F
Connector Spade plug (cable Ø 6 – 10 mm)
Connector specifcation ISO 4400
Electrical safety IEC 335

Standard voltages

DC (=): 24V

(Other voltages and 60 Hz on request)

AC (~):24V – 115V – 230V / 50 Hz