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Matched system for secure connections
Our crimping tools for wire end ferrules and other contacts


After stripping the insulation, a suitable contact or wire end ferrule can be crimped onto the end of the cable. Crimping forms a secure connection between conductor and contact and has largely replaced soldering. A non-detachable connection can be made only with high-quality precision tools.

Weidmüller provides you with a wide range of high-quality and practical mechanical crimping tools. Integral ratchets that can be released ensure optimum processing quality, for example. Crimped connections made with Weidmüller tools comply with international standards and regulations.


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Stripax® plus 2.5

The stripax® plus 2.5 crimping and stripping tools combines the three functions of cutting, stripping and crimping in one tool. The automatic feeding of the linked wire-end ferrules saves you having to search for and cut open the sleeves on the conductor.

  • Stripping and crimping from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²
  • Ratchet for precise crimping
  • Release option in the event of incorrect operation
  • Only one die/crimp station for the entire cross-section range
  • Logical operation: Significant time saving, as no time-consuming change of tools is necessary

PZ 6 Roto

The PZ 6 Roto is a crimping tool for wire-end ferrules with and without plastic collars. The rotating die lets you execute wire-end ferrule insertion from the front or the side.

  • For wire cross-sections from 0.14 to 6 mm² (~AWG 26 to 10)
  • Tested acc. to DIN 46228 T.1 and T.4.
  • Quality crimps are guaranteed by an automatic stop
  • Only one die for the entire cross-section range

PZ 6 Roto L

Crimping in hard-to-reach places, such as narrow cabinets, requires patience and dexterity. Our new PZ 6 Roto L significantly reduces the effort you require, since you simply insert the crimping tool as the space conditions permit.

  • One crimping tool is all you need for the from 0.14 to 6.0 mm² range of cross-sections
  • Lockable crimp insert for reliable connections
  • Ergonomic handle design that is comfortable to work with
  • Side and front insertion of the wire-end ferrules thanks to a rotating crimp insert
  • Secure automatic stop


Our crimping tools for non-insulated and insulated cable lugs and connectors are your guarantee for precision and quality. In order to meet your requirements, our crimping tools are available for a range of cable lugs and cross-sections. Like our CTI 6 for PVC, PC and polyamide-insulated connectors, for example.

  • The mechanical function guarantees safe and handy work under different environmental conditions
  • Precision engineering means a high pressing force with little physical effort
  • Comprehensive range of standard-compliant crimp inserts

Pressing tools

The Weidmüller pressing tools are capable of crimping plug connectors and housing shields as well as of crimping on cable shields. We also provide you with tools that combine the three functions of cutting, stripping and crimping.

  • Pressing tools for modular plug-in connector system WE (Western Electric and DEC)
  • Ratchet for precise crimping
  • Release option in the event of incorrect operation

Incision tools

The Weidmüller incision tools are ideal for connecting twisted-pair cables to terminal strips with cutting/clamping contacts in main, floor distribution systems and modular wall connection sockets in structured building cabling, for example.

  • Mechanism made from metal components
  • Adjustable pressing force for conductor sizes AWG 20 to 28
  • A variety of blades for terminal strips of the type 110 from AT & T, 66 and LSA Plus from Krone (standard and scissor cutting function), and for 630A6 telephone sockets
  • Incision blade with 2 functions: Incision or incision and cutting of the protruding conductor
  • Storage compartment for one blade

Non-contact tools

With our removal tools for turned contacts, it is really easy to release crimped contacts from an already fitted insert.

  • Disconnection of the crimped contacts of different modules (e.g. ConCept CM3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 modules; FEKO ZRV contacts, stamped HD sockets and male pin contacts)

Tools for polymer optical fibres

The special crimping tools for polymer optical fibres allow problem-free crimping of fibre-optic cable contacts of “Polymer Optical Fibres (POF). Cutting the fibre exactly on the grain eliminates the need for additional polishing.

  • For plug and socket
  • Ratchet for precise crimping
  • Unlocks in case of incorrect operation
  • Locator for precise contact positioning

Cable tie tools

Our cable tie tools are ideal for both plastic and steel cable ties. They enable the tensioning and separating of cable ties in one step.

  • For plastic cable ties with widths from 2.5 to 4.8 mm and a thickness up to 1.6 mm or for steel cable ties, 4.6 mm wide
  • For cable bundles from 1.6 mm to 100 mm diameter
  • The clamping force can be adjusted over a wide range, from small up to standard cable ties.