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Our large selection of professional screwing tools


Precisely the proper torque! This is essential when accurate and effective work, as well as repeat accuracy are required: When tightening sensitive and expensive components during installation, the final inspection or during quality checking. The perfect job for the Weidmüller torque screwdrivers with the unique interchangeable bit system. Crimped conductors are fixed in their respective wiring spaces by screws or a direct plug-in feature. Weidmüller can supply a wide range of screwing tools.

Our screwdrivers, available in four different handle sizes, are the result of a consistent ergonomic concept which takes into account the human hand and the different types of screwing jobs. The screwdrivers are your guarantee for perfect usage and handling of all handle sizes, maximum torques and optimum transfer of the axial force.


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Electric or battery-operated torque screwdriver

Weidmüller electric screwdrivers are ergonomically shaped, which makes them ideal single-hand tools. You will find them comfortable to work with in all installation positions. The Weidmüller standard bits are highly popular with users thanks to their high quality, large selection and efficiency.

  • Automatic torque limitation
  • High repeat accuracy of the torque

Manual torque screwdrivers

The variable tool for many jobs with integral window scale for easily reading the torque value in combination with a Weidmüller interchangeable bit. Our manual screwdrivers are also available as VDE-insulated for safe electrical use.

  • IP protection is ensured by the proper torque
  • Ergonomic handle sizes matched to the torque range
  • Click signal can be clearly heard and felt when the torque is reached, no unnecessary operations
  • VDE handle/VDE blades are individually tested and provide the necessary safety up to 1,000 V AC/1,500 V DC


With the aid of SlimLine technology, you can actuate low-lying cable glands and spring-loaded terminals which cannot be operated with standard VDE screwdrivers. SlimLine screwdrivers can be used, for example, as an operating tool for the Weidmüller Z-series modular terminals.

  • 33% thinner blades than in standard VDE screwdrivers
  • Comfortable to work with due to ergonomically shaped handles
  • The SoftFinish zone ensures optimum haptics, easy manual work and guarantees electrical safety

Screwdrivers SoftFinish®

With the SoftFinish® zone for dry and general applications, Weidmüller provides a complete

screwdriver range that, due to its soft material, ensures considerably higher torques – with significantly more comfort.

  • Significantly higher torques thanks to special material
  • Easy manual work due to significantly more comfort
  • Optimum haptics due to the SoftFinish® zone

VDE insulated screwdrivers SoftFinish®

VDE-insulated screwdriver according to DIN EN 60900, IEC 900 for working under voltage. The protective insulation sprayed directly onto the blade ensures electrical safety, even for critical applications.

  • Safety when working up to 1,500 Volt (DC) and 1,000 Volt (AC)
  • Screwdrivers tested individually in a water bath at 10,000 Volt according to DIN EN 60900
  • SoftFinish®-Zone ensures higher torques, optimum haptics and easy manual work

Screwdriver with cutting adapter

Screwing the Swifty cable cutter onto non-insulated screwdrivers results in the Swifty set for pinch-free cutting of copper cables.

  • Logical operation
  • Only one tool for cable processing in IDC technology
  • Can be used for screw and tension clamp terminals
  • Pocket format – always ready to hand
  • Suitable for right and left-hand use

SAI special tools

Screwty® is the ideal, all-purpose tool for tightening all common sensor and actuator cables. It makes difficult to access round plug-in connectors easy to reach. Plug-in connectors can be easily loosened and tightened without any great effort by just simply turning.

  • Suitable for the majority of lines and plug-in connectors of other providers too (over 90 %)
  • Can be used for all sizes thanks to the conventional 1/4” connection
  • Infinite torque control from 0.5 to 1.7 Nm
  • Can be fitted with other interchangeable bits

Cable gland tools

The FleCaFix cable gland tools let you tighten or loosen several cable gland series. They also prevent any deformation of the cable glands.

  • Infinite adjustment of the spanner size
  • Ratchet function: No need to put the tool down between the screwing processes
  • Authentic one-hand tool

Socket wrench sets

Socket wrench manufactured from through-hardened chromium-vanadium steel. 9-part offset screwdriver set in Prostar, with Magic Ring: Keeps your standard screws tight in any position thanks to steel spring ring (from size 3).

  • Manufactured acc. to DIN ISO 2936 L (DIN 911)
  • High-quality surface finish
  • With ball head for screwing up to an angle of 25°

Pin and electrical cabinet key

The universal key sets from Weidmüller are predestined for different industries, e.g. in construction and in electrical engineering.

  • With bit holder and reversible bit
  • The material is made from die-cast zinc
  • A range of dimensions available for your needs