Switch-mode power supply units

16 - August


You are looking for a reliable power supply with basic functions. 
With PROeco we can offer you low-cost switch-mode power supply units with 
high efficiency and system capability. Let’s connect. 

In the series production of machines, in particular, switch-mode power supply units with 
above-average performance values can deliver genuine competitive advantages. 
The low-cost PROeco series offers all the basic functions and delivers impressively 
high performance and flexibility. 

Our PROeco switch-mode power supply units feature  a compact design, high 
efficiency and are extremely easy to maintain. Thanks to temperature protection, 
short-circuit and overload resistance they can be universally used in all 

Wide-ranging safety functions and compatibility with our 
diode and capacitance modules, together with UPS components for setting up a 
redundant power supply, characterise solutions with PROeco.


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PROmax, „the powerhouse“

Our high performance and durable PROmax switch-mode power supply units are designed for especially demanding requirements. PROmax reliably copes with continuous overload of up to 20% or short-term peak loads of 300% occurring with high control cabinet temperatures.

High boost capability and full power are also made possible in a wide temperature range. Our switch-mode power supply units can be used around the world and are also suitable for confined spaces thanks to their low width.

Together with our uninterruptible DC USPs, the diode modules or CAP modules, you can create a power supply solution that is tailored to your requirements.

PROtop – “the innovative one”

High-end power supplies must perform efficiently and reliably, even in challenging industrial environments. This requires high power reserves, a long service life and optimal protection against overvoltage, vibration and extreme temperature conditions.

New DCL technology gives PROtop an outstanding dynamic range. This can be used for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers or for powerful motor starts.