17 - November

The workshop was attended by engineers from countries in the region such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore … Ltd Industrial Equipment & Automation AUMI sent a technical representative to attend this training course for 5 days under the guidance of Mr. Christopher Teo, technical supervisor of SICK company.

The 3D camera is a device that can extract the 3D shapes of any objects, regardless of its contrast or color. The products are used to measure the height  and volume of objects, detect defects in shape, and classify product quality.

Content of training course:
– Ranger camera: features, specification and applications of the products.
– Introduction the Ranger studio software and connecting to the camera.
– How to use software and camera.
– Camera configuration.
– Extract 2D, 3D images.
– Simulation of application by real model at SICK company office.
– Feedback, inquiries.

The training provided basic knowledge about Vision as well as Ranger Camera. Engineers can apply this knowledge to advising customers on the advantages and benefits of the products. Engineers also know how to choose the right device and accessories for their application, to optimize the power of the camera.

Besides training about products, this is also an opportunity for engineers to get acquainted with each other as well as sharing knowledge and experience in the field of Automation.

Engineers from countries