AUMI provides exhaust gas annalysys for vehicles and industrials gas annalysis of SAXON JUNKALOR.

Exhaust Gas Analyser

Exhaust Gas Analyser SMG200M

  • Multichannel laser scattered light principle
  • Precise measurement from 200 μg/m³
  • Media temp. up to 500 °C, dew point up to 80 °C
  • High contrast color touchscreen
  • Remote control and data logger
  • Can be qualified for various particle types

Exhaust Gas Analyser

Exhaust Gas Analyser InfralytN

  • Exhaust gas measurement for diesel and petrol engines
  • Seperate NO and NO2 measurement
  • Measurement of RPM and Oiltemp
  • Conversion to reference oxygen value
  • Values displayed as volume or mass concentration
  • According to OIML Class 1

  • Compact workshop instrument for performing the AU on diesel vehicles
  • with speed sensing for conventional vehicles
  • with the Bluetooth OBD module for modern OBD vehicles
  • Future proof for Euro 6 vehicles
  • Opacilyt 1030 and OBD interface of the vehicle are connected to the PC / laptop
  • AU software with integrated AU target database also available for commercial vehicles

  • Small, compact and robust gas analyzer for measuring gasoline vehicles
  • Easy connectable to PC / Laptop
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • ASA network capable and compatible to AUPlus

Industrial Analysis

Industrial Analysis INFRALYT80

  • Gas analysis system for up to 8 (special solution 10) gases / ranges simultaneously
  • Gases, measuring ranges, gas transportation and gas processing customer specific
  • High-contrast color touch screen, intuitive operation
  • Suitable for fully automatic operation in process control / monitoring

OEM Products


  • Multi-channel NDIR measuring bench for up to 6 gases
  • Custom configuration
  • Wide range of gases and measuring ranges
  • Outputs RS232 and analogue 4-20mA (Option)



  • Multi-channel NDIR measuring bench for up to 6 gases
  • Special version for TOC with high resolution 100ppm CO2 channel
  • Outputs RS232 and analogue 4-20mA (Option)
  • For direct integration in your analyzers and process controls
  • High accuracy and linearity

OEM Products


  • Miniature measuring bench with high resolution
  • Only 30s warm-up time, ideal for mobile and portable systems
  • Low-cost solution for your own measurement system