• The DC-UPS with integrated electrochemical double layer capacitors are fully maintenance free and guarantee an uninterrupted power supply for periods measured in seconds.
  • Buffer modules with electrolytic capacitors work similarly to a DC-UPS and can bridge power failures in the 24V or 48V net for periods measured in milliseconds.
  • In buffer mode, the output voltage is regulated and the change from normal to buffer mode occurs without interruptions. All modules are protected against overload and short-circuit and have a wide operating temperature range.
  • A regular maintenance or replacement of the capacitors is not necessary.

DC-UPS with Batteries

DIMENSION | DC-UPS with batteries

  • For the installation of a DC-UPS system three essential elements are necessary: a power supply, a DC-UPS and a battery.
  • The DC-UPS is responsible for monitoring and charging the battery, as well as controlling the seamless transition between normal and buffer mode.
  • Highest system availability even in the event of mains failure
  • 1-Battery-Concept: each battery is individually charged and monitored, which avoids the need for matched batteries

  • Battery modules use maintenance-free VRLA batteries (valve regulated lead-acid) and are charged at PULS before delivery.
  • Battery modules can be ordered with (UZK) or without a battery (UZO). All battery modules from PULS support the 1-Battery-Concept.
  • The 24V battery modules are equipped with a center-tap, which protect against over-current, and with an integrated temperature sensor.