CoLOS v6.0 is a networked software that connects together centralized product data, line control systems, operations personnel, printers and code checking equipment in completely integrated solutions.

    • Between manufacturing and selling your products, you have more important things to worry about than ensuring the right information is printed every time. You need accuracy and efficiency in your printing and coding so you can focus on producing high quality products.
    • CoLOS® Information Management System comes with a variety of applications that can help you reducing waste from coding and marking errors, increasing line efficiency and protecting brand value by ensuring printing compliance.
    • At early production preparation stage, CoLOS® Data Management enables you to link fields on message designs to those in ERP master product tables and individual designs to many stock keeping units (SKUs) while automatically populate messages with SKU data.

Data integration features:

    • Industry standard ODBC links to external data tables
    • Design wizards to create remote data and job sources
    • Drag and drop data sources onto message design fields
    • Link to SAP, Oracle, Excel and text files
    • Store the entire CoLOS message repository in database
    • Optional SQL database for storing message data per product
    • Optimized database management tools

CoLOS® applications tailored to your needs and size: Part of the CoLOS family of applications which are available in different bundle sizes for all your printer, line and factory solutions. Our application modules come with information and automation interface add-ons to ensure seamless integration with your existing infrastructure

Interface available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

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