The modular LiDAR-LOC localization solution enables reliable localization based on natural surrounding contours. It supports several scanners at the same time and is also particularly well suited to flat vehicle types. No additional artificial landmarks or external odometry are required for accurate position determination of mobile platforms, automated guided vehicles or service robots thanks to the LiDAR-LOC. The smart localization algorithm guarantees high resistance to changes to the environment.

The LiDAR-LOC is available as a pure software solution which runs on various AppSpace-certified controllers. It is therefore well suited as a reliable starting point for the development of vehicle navigation.


    • Position determination for all types and sizes of mobile platforms
    • High positioning accuracy of ± 30 mm
    • Contour detection with a scanning angle of up to 360°
    • Localization resolution of 1 mm
    • Refresh rate of 25 Hz
    • Easy operation thanks to modern user interface (web browser), as well as ROS integration


    • Localization for all types of mobile platforms (AGCs /AMR)
    • Industrial automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
    • Service robots and automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems)
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