Pumps are the core of many industrial applications. A failing pump can often interrupt the entire work or production process. All sorts of pumps are used in many fields and applications. Appropriate lubrication, safeguarding the work and production process of the pump, is a decisive factor of smooth operation.

Lubrication points

  • Lubrication points (roller bearings) are located on the drive shaft between drive motor and pump body or in the pump housing.
  • Lubrication of gland seal and labyrinth seal prevents the ingress of dirt and / or pumped media into the bearing. Seals of bearings and bearing housings must be permanently supplied with the specified amount of the right lubricant.


  • Pumps are normally operated under extreme conditions. These can include heavy contamination from slurry or dust and hazardous materials such as alkali solutions and weak acids.
  • Dirt, water or other contaminants must not enter the bearing points
  • Many lubrication points can only be accessed with extreme protective measures (safety gloves and mask). This frequently leads to neglect of the prescribed lubrication.
  • Lubrication starvation results in wear and leads to failure of equipment components or pump leakages.
  • Lubrication while the machine is in operation must be ensured
  • Operation in potentially explosive areas
  • Workplace safety must be ensured

Advantages of automatic lubrication

  • Increased workplace safety due to automatic lubrication of hard-to-reach lubrication points
  • A precise lubricant discharge reduces lubricant consumption and lessens environmental impacts
  • Fewer maintenance runs minimise the time spent in dangerous areas
  • If a certified lubrication system is selected, it may be used underground or in potentially explosive areas


Direct mounting on the lubrication point: e.g. perma FLEX
  • Easy, quick mounting
  • For lubrication points with little vibration / shocks
  • For easy-to-reach, safe lubrication points

Remote mounting to the lubrication point: e.g. perma STAR VARIO
  • For lubrication points with strong vibration / shocks (isolation of lubrication system)
  • For lubrication points which are unsafe to access: Mounting in safe areas
  • For hard-to-reach lubrication points


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