Reliable solutions for gas, dust and flow measurement

Refineries and chemical plants operate in an extremely challenging environment. Large-scale handling of hazardous materials, highly dynamic markets, intense global competition and stringent environmental standards are key features of that industry. Process automation at multiple levels throughout the value chain contributes significantly to plant profitability by operational excellence and safety. In particular, process analyzers play an essential role in reducing production costs, improving product productivity, increasing plant safety and ensuring compliance with local emissions regulations. They fulfill vital tasks in different parts of the plant and maximize efficiency and uptime of many process units.

Application areas

Process control

The goal of process optimization and control is to increase the product productivity while minimizing waste and preventing plant operating limits of the plant from being exceeded. These are key factors for productivity in everyday operation. Analysts provide valuable information on the composition of process streams along the entire value-added chain. Their data is often integrated into a distributed control system to enable closed-loop control.

Quality control

Quality control ensures that both the source material and the final product meet the required purity specifications. It also makes a fundamental contribution to the factory’s profits as defective products have a negative impact on the sales price. Process analyzers are used to measure primary products at concentrations of close to 100% as well as to accurately identify contaminants in the ppm range.                    .

Emission monitoring

Some chemicals substances are pollutants because they harm the environment and pose a health risk. These substances are usually produced during combustion and are escape as exhaust gas through the chimney.


Raw materials, final products and operating materials are valuable inventories of a plant. Due to the high material throughput in chemical plants, their consumption and production must be monitored with a high level of accuracy to ensure proper billing. Likewise, pollutant emissions need to be constantly quantified. SICK’s ultrasonic flowmeters provide a reliable solution for flow measurement of a wide range of process gases.

Safety and protection

Protecting people and ensuring the safety of the factory is always a top priority. All hydrocarbons are flammable and present an impending explosion hazard in the presence of oxygen. Other substances are very corrosive or poisonous. Online analyzers measure process streams and the ambient air to identify critical process states and leaks. Fast and reliable analyzers are essential to avoid plant failures and accidents.


SICK is a one-stop shop for a complete range of services – expert advice, skilled planning services, detailed project planning and engineering, installation, and commissioning. We also provide reliable after-sales repair and maintenance support.



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