• SICK has created a number of DWS (Dimensioning-Weighing-Scanning) systems to enable courier, express, parcel, and postal service providers, as well as logistics centers to record all the data needed for their shipments (volume, weight, and identification).
    • All the relevant data for calculating freight or creating the freight documents can be recorded at the touch of a button.
    • The systems include the tried-and-tested volume measurement systems VMS510 or VMS520, a reliable static scale, and a hand-held scanner that records code information – all in one stable mechanical unit.
    • Each product in the DWS Static series is optimized for its specific application: the DWS510 Static for cuboid objects, the DWS520 Static for irregular shaped objects, and the DWS520 Static Extended for oversized objects like non-conveyables.
    • DWS Static is a universal solution that can be set up in just a matter of minutes. It can of course also be calibrated in accordance with OIML, MID, and NAWI standards.

At a glance:

    • Dimensioning, weighing and identification data with the push of a button
    • Complete solution with integrated frame and roller conveyor
    • Commissioning within a few minutes
    • Legal-for-trade approved (according to OIML, MID and NAWI)
    • Special versions for irregular and oversized objects available


    • Weight determination based on volume for calculating the freight charges for courier, express, parcel, and postal service providers (revenue recovery)
    • Least-cost routing: selection of the most cost-effective freight service provider for the size of the package
    • Freight declaration so data can be passed to the freight service providers


    • Minimum object size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
    • Maximum object size: 1,100 mm x 700 mm x 700 mm/ 1,200 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm/ 1,800 mm x 900 mm x 900 mm
    • Accuracy of object coverage: ± 5 mm x ± 5 mm x ± 5 mm
    • Allowed weight for legal-for-trade weighing: 0.1 kg … 60 kg
    • Accuracy of scale: 20g
    • Identification of parcels: IDM160 hand-held bar code scanner

Volume measurement systems

IDM160 hand-held bar code scanner

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