Thermoteknix representative visited AUMI office

Hanoi, July 21… Mr. Richard Hames, sales development for ’s Asian region, visited the cement mills in Hai Phong, with the companionship of the team in Hanoi.

Mr. Richard Hames – Representative of Thermoteknix and Aumi team

Thermoteknix is ​​one of the world’s top developers and manufacturers of thermal imaging systems. On May 6 2022, AUMI officially became the official representative of Thermoteknix in Vietnam, responsible for distribution, product warranty, solution consulting, and technical support for Thermoteknik’s product specilised for cement industrial in Vietnam.
From July 21 to July 22, 2022, Thermoteknix’s representative had exchanged, and surveyed AUMI’s engineer and sales team. After the business trip, a long-term partnership is desired, and Mr. Richard Hames, a representative of Thermoteknix, sees AUMI as a successful and strategic partner in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Richard Hames visits Cement Factory
Mr. Richard Hames and Aumi team surveyed the furnace shell scan system
Mr. Richard Hames surveyed the thermal camera in the clinker near the burner

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