Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company – Vietnam Electricity Group.

Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company was established under Decision No. 27/QD – EVNGENCO1, dated January 29, 2015 of Power Generation Corporation 1 with functions and tasks: Producing and trading in electricity; management and operation of thermal power plants (thermal power plants) in Duyen Hai; maintenance and repair of thermal power equipment and works; manage and operate the seaport of Duyen Hai Power Center; carry out production preparation for new thermal power projects; consulting and appraising construction investment projects; construction supervision consultancy; construction and installation of electrical works;

Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company was assigned by Power Generation Corporation 1 to manage Duyen Hai 1 thermal power plant, Duyen Hai 3 thermal power plant with a total capacity of 2,490MW and the largest coal port in the Mekong Delta for permit to receive ships with a tonnage of 30,000 tons to operate.

All factories managed by the Company have been carried out environmental impact assessment (ĐTM) and approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment before starting construction. All plants are installed with environmental treatment systems with advanced technology and are commonly applied to coal-fired power plants in the world, which are closely monitored during construction and operating as: NH3 NOx treatment system (SCR); electrostatic precipitators (ESP); SOx treatment system with seawater (FGD).

The project is installed to measure the NOx of the system to remove NOx by NH3. Ensure the amount of NOX released into the environment is within allowable limits. company supplied and installed measuring equipment for the system. Simultaneous data synchronization with the factory DCS.

Project details:

  • Number of stations: 2 SCR clusters
  • Parameters: NOx, NH3, O2
  • Location: Duyen Hai I Thermal Power Plant – Mu U Hamlet, Dan Thanh Commune, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh Province
  • Investor: Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company

The present that the system has been put into operation, the system after installation ensures the parameters to be measured, the sampling location, the automatic emission measurement device and the accessory system, as well as the quality assurance. and quality control (QA/QC).

Data transmission system and monitoring cabinet system

  • Datalogger cabinet
  • Installation accessories

Project image:

Image 1: Gas Analyzers

Image 2: Insitu direct gas analyzer

Image 4: Insitu direct gas analyzer

Image 5: Easy device operation

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