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With the modular gas analyzer S700, a customer-specific and tailor-made measuring device can be put together for almost every application. 6 analyzer modules for the measurement of many more than 60 gases and 3 housing variants offer comprehensive and individually custom combination options.

Product description

The S700 modular system is very easy to configure to provide a tailor-made
application. An S700 housing can be equipped with up to 3 analyzer modules
for compact and cost-effective system solutions. A total of 6 different analyzer
modules are available for analyzing more than 60 gas components. Depending
on the measuring task, installation site, and ambient conditions, the following
housing types are available:
S710 19” rack for analyzer cabinets and standard applications S715 wall-mounting enclosure for harsh application conditions and zone 2 explosive
environment (ATEX) S720 flame-proof housing for zone 1 explosive environment (ATEX)

At a glance

• 5 different measurement principles available
• More than 60 measuring components to choose from
• 3 different housing variants for different fields of application
• Up to 3 analyzer modules in a single housing

Your benefits

• Easy application-specific adaptation due to modular design
• Also suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 explosive environments (ATEX)
• Automatic adjustment with test gas or calibration cell
• Integrated self-monitoring and fault diagnosis

Fields of application

• Emission measurement according to 13th (2001/80/EC), 17th (2000/76/EC), and 27th German Federal Emission Protection Directive (BImSchV).
• Cooling gas monitoring of turbo generators
• Measurement of CO for coal mill monitoring
• Purity measurement of H2 in pressure swing adsorption plants
• Monitoring of CO2 in natural gas in natural gas conditioning plants

Detailed technical data

Gas flow rate No integrated sample gas pump: 5 l/h … 100 l/h With integrated sample gas pump: 30 l/h … 60 l/h
Sample gas temperature 0 °C … +45 °C

Temperature at analyzer inlet

Process pressure Tubed gas lines: –200 hPa … 1,000 hPa Hosed gas lines: –200 hPa … 300 hPa
Process gas humidity Non-condensing
Dust load Free of dust and aerosols
Ambient temperature +5 °C … +45 °C
Storage temperature –20 °C … +70 °C
Ambient pressure 700 hPa … 1,200 hPa
Geographical altitude ≤ 2,000 m (above mean sea level)
Ambient humidity ≤ 95 %

Relative humidity; non-condensing

Electrical safety CE, cCSAus
Analog outputs 4 outputs:

0/4 … 20 mA, 500 Ω

0 … 10 V

Electrically isolated

Analog inputs 2 inputs:

0/2/4 … 20 mA



0 … 10 V DC

Digital outputs 8 relay contacts:


Three relay outputs preset for failure, service and maintenance 8 Open collector outputs:


Freely adjustable

Digital inputs 8 optical coupler inputs:


Electrically isolated; freely programmable

Interfaces and bus protocols



Modbus RTU

Indication LC display
Operation Menu-driven operation via LC-display and membrane keyboard
Menu languages German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Spanish
Power supply

Voltage Frequency

Power consumption


100 V AC / 115 V AC / 230 V AC

48 … 62 Hz

≤ 150 W

Depending on system configuration