Extractive gas analyzers S710

  • Extractive gas analyzers S700
  • Measured values: Ar, CBrF3, CClF3, CCl2F2, CCl3F, CHClF2, CHCl3, CH2Cl2, CH2O, CH3Cl, CH3OH, (CH3)2O, CH4, CO, CO2, CS2, C2Cl2F4, C2Cl3F3, C2Cl4, C2HCl3, C2H2, C2H2Cl2, C2H2F4, C2H3Cl3, C2H4, C2H4Cl2, C2H5OH, C2H6, C3H4, C3H6, C3H7OH, C3H8, C3H8O2, C4H6, C4H8, C4H10, C4H8O, C4H9OH, C5H12, C6H10O, C6H12, C6H14, C7H16, C7H8, C8H10, He, H2, H2O, NH3, NO, N2O, O2, SF6, SO2
  • S710 19″ rack for analyzer cabinets and standard applications
  • S715 wall-mounting enclosure for harsh application conditions and zone 2 explosive environment (ATEX)
  • S720 flame-proof housing for zone 1 explosive environment (ATEX)