Extractive gas analyzers GMS800

  • Extractive gas analyzers GMS800
  • Measured values: Ar, CH4, CH3OH, C2H2, C2H2F4, C2H4, C3H6, C3H8, C4H6, Cl2, CO, CO2, COCl2, COS, CS2, H2, H2S, He, NH3, NO, N2O, NO2, O2, SF6, SO2, other components on request
  • Emission monitoring according to EN 15267 and process gas measurements, including in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Emission monitoring of very low concentrations
  • Measurement of smallest concentrations of NO, NO2, and SO2
  • NOx monitoring by direct measurement of NO and NO2
  • Measurement of sulfur compounds in process gases
  • CO monitoring for explosion protection
  • Measurement of smallest concentrations in hydrogen or hydrocarbons