Installation of O2 & COe Gas analyzers

In March of 2014, Technical Service & Project Department of AUMI industrial equipment and automation company has finished installation of 4 O2 & COe Gas analyzer systems for 300MW factory of Power Generation Corporation 1, Uong Bi district, Quang Ninh province. The system includes : 4 set of gas analyzers using “insitu” technology with measuring range O2: 0-21%; COe: 0-1600ppm, accuracy: 0,2% of actual measured value.

The gas analyzers were installed at locations with high temperatures (up to 800oC and 1600oC) for monitoring and control of furnace combustion.The equipments were installed and calibrated to ensure safety environment as well as increasing combustion efficiency.

Here are some pictures of construction site:


Probe of gas analyzer


Control unit


Setting up and commissioning


Finishing system


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